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In Cervi Skis we are loyal to our philosophy when building unique freeride, big mountain and backcountry skis. Hand-made with built in technology that really makes a difference.

The mountains are calling, and I must go!

– John Muir –

Cervi skis technologies

Our skis’ components are the result of years of testing. We work exclusively with top notch technologies and utilise materials originally used in the fabrication of skies for competitive skiing.

100% Carbon

100% Carbon


Extremely light material equipped with high tenacity and hardness. In comparison to glass fibre, it offers much better performance and reactivity.



Low density raft sheets with linen cut bands. Designed to provide a high performance, lightweight core with excellent properties.



The laminated bamboo presents characteristics comparable to the steel for its hardness and rigidity, but in turn is a material with a high elasticity.



It offers shock resistance characteristics at low temperatures and is an optimum vibration damper. Combats moisture and ultraviolet light.




Kevlar is very resistant to repeated blows, to fatigue and to flexion. These characteristics are maintained in both high and low temperatures.

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Cervi Skis guarantee

We provide 2 years’ guarantee with all our skis. We are committed to making you our priority should any problems arise.