Handcrafted skis

Our commitment is to manufacture freeride skis whilst upholding our values of true craftsmanship and quality.

4 different ski models:Mönch, Anapurna, Almanzor and Eiger

CERVI will remain loyal to the handcrafted manufacture of unique pieces, continuously improving. There are ski models aplenty but we present here three of them: backcountry skis, all mountain skis and big mountain skis.
The skis’ sizes have been carefully selected. If you are dubious as to which is yours get in touch with us.

all Mountain

Medidas: 185/175/165 cms.

Un auténtico esquí all Mountain

Hemos conseguido un esquí con un canto operativo al 90% y unas cotas que lo hacen muy polivalente. A pesar de ser un esquí mas blando que sus compañeros ofrece gran control a grandes velocidades en pista y fuera de pista, obteniendo óptima flotabilidad y estabilidad en nieves muy profundas.

Big Mountain

Long: 188 cm

An authentic big mountain ski

A ski offering maximum control at high speeds,  the minimum camber and its potent rocker it provides greater flotation and stability in deep snow. The nucleus of the ski is its soul, providing it with the strength requires to face the most extreme conditions.

All Mountain

Long: 188, 183 cm

Very innovative all mountain skis

Originated as freeride skis but polyvalent in all terrains. Light, elastic, manageable and resistant. Their behaviour is optimal in deep snow conditions due to their reactivity and flotation. Very versatile ski offering maximum grip and potency when skiing at high speeds.

Back country

Long: 175 cm

Light and potent back country skis

Skis offering control and stability. Their soul renders them light and when combined with their geometry enables them to deal with all conditions both on and off piste. Their polyvalence and stability make it an authentic backcountry ski, yet very agile on the slopes.

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