An authentic all mountain ski

Measure: 188 cm
Weight: 2.050 g

A ski offering maximum control at high speeds. Due to its levels, the minimum camber and its potent rocker it provides greater flotation and stability in deep snow.



Un auténtico esquí all mountain polivalente en pista y fuera de pista nos ofrece gran poder de control a grandes velocidades en todos los terrenos a pesar de ser mas blando que sus compañeros. Gracias a sus cotas obtenemos un rendimiento del canto efectivo del 90% una gran flotabilidad y estabilidad en nieves profundas.

El núcleo del esquí es realmente su alma, proporciona la estabilidad y la fuerza necesaria para afrontar todas las condiciones más límites del fuera de pista.

  • Groomed 40%
  • spring snow 90%
  • powder 100%


Length (cm) Turning radius Tip Tip (mm) Waist (mm) Tail (mm)
188 19 145 120 135

cotas esqui anapurna



Section C-Box, CERVI HIGH CARBON TECHNOLOGY. The patented structural solution of the soul of the total carbon ski with torsion-flex box.

Edge: High hardness steel 47 cdw.

Construction: Full Carbon fiber, Abs Sidewall.

Topsheet: Translucent modified polyamide silk-screened interior high-strength satin finish and high UV resistance and impact.

Base: Isospeed Carbon Base Carbon base race sintered, made of high molecular weight polyethylene, UHMW-PE with high C10 carbon content.

construcción esquí anapurna

  • 100% Carbono

    100% Carbon

  • Bcore


  • Bamboo


  • ABS


  • kevlar




88 ° / 1 °: 2 ° lateral and 1 ° at the base. Progressive song taking, more Tuning to favor the buoyancy in deep snows and to avoid the entrancing of the Ski Out of Track.


CROSSED WITH LONG AND ANGLE TRACK LOAD 60 DEGREES: Specifies for pure and hard Free Ride skis, provides stability and control in deep snow, both newly fallen and transformed where the singing has no effectiveness.