Technologies of our skis

The nearly four years of prototyping have given us extensive experience with the high-end technologies we work with.

Innovation and constant improvement

Technologies that until now we only saw in the world of the competition of ski and sectors like the aeronautics or the world of the engine, we put it to the freeride service.

The search for materials of the highest quality is and will be a maximum in our daily operation.

100% Carbon


Better performance than fiberglass

This material is extremely light even though it is endowed with a high toughness and toughness. In addition, it has important mechanical properties, as well as a high compressive strength, optimum rigidity and a valid behavior in the face of fatigue and exhaustion.

Compared to fiberglass is a material that offers much more performance and reactivity.

This fiber comes within the range of high-tech materials.



High Performance Core

The wood cores used are the lightest ones with great stability at high speed. BCores is the lightest wood core on the market. In combination with the technology CERVI HIGH CARBON TECHNOLOGY we develop modern and innovative properties. The combination of low density flat balsa wood with strips of flax fibers specifically designed to obtain a lightweight high performance core with excellent shear and fatigue properties and provide a “woody” feel.

This material is developed specifically for skis. The reinforcement with high density balsa plywood results in this unique hybrid structure, which guarantees a very high compressive strength and easy machining, the future of skiing.



Features comparable to steel

The bamboo has very good physical qualities, it is a light material that allows to reduce the weight to the construction, very important factor. Its fibers make it very resistant to axial forces. Its outstanding structural properties allow it to be compared with the strength of the steel. It also has the same resistance of many fibers of advanced technology and the relation between weight and maximum load make it a perfect material for structures since it is in turn a material with a high elasticity.

Among the many environmental advantages of using Bamboos stands out the fact that their forests are one of the biggest environmental CO2 collectors on the planet. It is therefore a renewable and sustainable resource.


Optimal vibration damper

The most important feature of the ABS is its great toughness at low temperatures (it remains tenacious at -40 ° C) and is an optimum vibration damper.

In our construction it avoids any contact of the soul of the ski with the outside avoiding the humidity to have a low absorption of water. This way the structure is protected against any kind of impact, as it is very resistant to abrasion.

Also it preserves the ski of ultraviolet radiation, with other materials this property could not be taken into account since they would become brittle.



Resistant to repeated blows

The Kevlar has exceptional rigidity to be a polymer fiber, is very resistant to repeated blows. These characteristics are maintained both at high and low temperatures thanks to the molecular arrangement in this fiber.

Its dimensional stability is excellent, being very resistant to cutting or breaking. It can be as tough as steel. Its hardness makes that in our construction there is no risk when placing the fixations by its strategic disposition.

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